Friday, April 4, 2008

We want a way to share our memories and photos so I thought a family blog would be a great way to do it. Becky has been my inspiration with her great family blog. So lets give it a try.

Our trip to St George was a fun get away. It could have been warmer but compared to Cache Valley we should never complain. We stayed in 3 3 bedroom condos at Trend West and were all close together. We lounged and soaked in the hot tub and played in the pool, went for walks, shopped and ate. We always eat. Thanks to Sarah & Missy for their yummy breakfasts.
Snow Canyon is always beautiful. Other than worrying about the kidlets getting too close to the edges it is alway an adventure. There was 11 of our 15 there. Jenny, Jamey, Sarah, Trent & Keaton, Isaac, & Gabe, Katy, Ian Nancy & Carson, Missy, Riley & Isabelle, Rachelle & Caleb. Nathan, Becky, Eli & Regan, Ben, Joe & CC, Liz & Colter. We missed Amanda, Paris & Ali, Jess & Anna.

Liz and Colter

Keaton entertained us all when he decided to eat a box elder bug if someone paid him $20. It grossed us all out but was sure funny.